The End.

Dramatic as it sounds, I’m ever so sorry for being out of practice. It all got a bit too much. Now I sounds like a drama queen. I didn’t write for ages because, firstly there was Christmas. I promised myself I wouldn’t blog over Christmas as I wouldn’t have the time. So I didn’t, then came a ridiculously busy New Year as I embarked on my last month at Wallpaper* Magazine.

It was what can only be explained as a huge hustle and bustle of photo shoots, product call-ins, credits, returns and all that jazz. So I dealt with it all, but this meant a lot of time out of office on two really big last shoots, I was asked to stay longer to help with the final shoot too. A global territories one, which covers some of the most amazing design pieces from all over the world. By the end just a couple of weeks ago, I was very tired. 3 months without a day off, I felt that I needed a good two weeks of calm relaxation, and a night or two of drunken idiocy.

So the Internship ended, at a place that was like no other. A place where I now have to go back to meet lots of other potential magazine employers, which is amazing news, I’m a very lucky girl to have been given this opportunity, and I have my Director to thank, he was a rock and amazing at his job, I learned so much from him.

So I thought that maybe I had left it a bit too long, but not a single follower dropped, In fact they just kept rising…. and rising. The views every day didn’t really stop, and today someone went through every….single…post. I mean all I do is waffle on. So out of sheer appreciation, I guess I’ll just carry on writing, :)

But… that’s the end of that chapter. The Internship Blog. (Which I totally freaking loved by the way!) On to the next one as I like to say!

Thank you all so much for reading, and some really beautiful comments. As this was just a bit of a thought bank, it was so nice to see other people blogs and actually have mine read too.

Off to enjoy the sunshine, by working out… at the gym… fitty.

;) S x

Who Captures Your Attention.

I’m having a block, as you may have noticed. It’s called being work over-loaded. I love being busy, but I don’t have time to jot about anything or take anything in. In spare time (Whats that?!) Me and one of the girls have been attempting our new fitness plan… As of yet we are succeeding! Even when really tired at 8pm after work we are still motivating each other really well.

So far that’s one 2013 Goal on Target!

Someone asked the other day who may favourite artist was. It’s something I havn’t thought about in ages. So I thought I would get as many views as possible to see what everyone else likes too.

My Number 1 goes to Mackenzie Thorpe

I don’t know how well known he is to everyone, but the main reason for coming to like him is because it was a family favourite and his odd or should I say unique pieces were splashed all about the house growing up.


Loving Family

I remember this one especially, though It wasn’t my favourite, it was everywhere. My favourites definitely were these though;


Sitting On Love




They mostly consisted of either this little guy or his famous ‘Big head’ people being rather clingy with their hearts. Dragging them around, sitting on them… that sort of thing.

My Second Favourite is of course Banksy

I didn’t get a feel for his work until I was a little bit older but then one picture really appealed to me.


Balloon Girl

Well obvious choice- it’s the whole red ‘Balloon Girl’ thing. I don’t know why, but I just like his art. It’s very street and rough and rugged which I wouldn’t really consider to be a style I take a shine towards but in this case I do.


Little Boy & Girl

My Third and final, and maybe my ultimate favourite at the moment is Jeff Koons

Now he is exactly what I expected myself to like. Everything appears to be perfectly shiny foil gift-wrapped, beautiful bubble shapes reflecting nothing but happiness and fun. He plays with shapes to the point that they appear as giant toys! You quite literally cannot help but take a shine to him.


Balloon Swan


Balloon Tulips

Not forgetting my ultimate favourite;- The Gift-wrapped Heart

When I look at his work it’s like he pictures everything how I picture it; In my own little bubble.


Gift-wrapped Heart

Please let me know what you think of these three. I know they are very different and all abstract in their own way.

I would love to know ‘Who Captures Your Attention’?

Love Love

S x


It has been too busy at work the past few days, I don’t know what I was expecting. It is the new year after all, and the average number of emails I get through every morning after leaving at 6pm the night before is roughly 150 so after being off for a week and a half.. Yes do the math.

Anyway I feel I have it all under control, On lock down now if you will!

I can finally write, (A little late) about the new year!

2012 was a weird one, a lovely and typical amount of eventful and waste-of-time things happened, which is why I am so so so happy to get into 2013! It feels like it’s going to be a really big year. I don’t as a rule do New Years Resolutions, I guess that’s why they are called just that, because they never last past the New Year.

But i’m obsessive with Organization so therefore the 2013 Target list is looking a little like:

  • Completing my internship & getting a dazzling reference :D
  • A 1 or 2 week placement abroad in the summer, of which I already have my sights set on one.
  • Starting a miniature business, that makes it sound like I want to make money from it. I actually don’t there is just this craft thing I’ve been wanting to try & I suppose when I make more than one I should give them away or let people buy them. Either way lets see.
  • Get a New Job – Once the Internship is finished I want something permanent that I enjoy as much as this.
  • Plan Travelling – Me and A friend are going to go at some point, it doesn’t matter when but I have been telling myself for months now I must dot the map and draw the lines etc. to plan it fully, so that when the time is right we can just jet off.
  • Save £. I know the amount. You don’t. Either way it can go towards a house eventually.
  • Stick to the Training Routine. Lucky for me a friend of a friend happens to be very good at these, and now we are being set a very strict but fun, exhausting exercise routine. This is the one to not let slip!
  • Go on Holiday – Drink Cocktails, Sunbathe, Eat lots, Swim etc.
  • Design something. I already have it in mind, When I start I’ll document it. If it’s good enough.
  • Learn how to make Pasta, Apparently it’s something to get the hang of and considering I actually like cooking it may be fun!
  • Begin planning the big move! Eventually I need to move out, now that Uni and shizz is all over with! This year feels a good one to start planning!

So lots of exciting stuff! :D

It feels like it has started out pretty well too, as I got my name in the newest Wallpaper* Magazine, and got given a beautiful gift from my boss, As well as a peppermint pretty canvas heart. Of which he said: “You can put it in your sock drawer”…. Each to their own!


Star Gift

It’s a unique piece by Georg Jensen, of which a different one is released every year.

Have an Amazing evening, whatever naughty things you may be getting up too!

Lots of Love

S x

Seasonal Stuff.

Hi World!

So I took a massively long break from blogging, from everything really, and had the best Christmas EVER! Rather than a Christmas day, it was more of a whole week of celebrating… That’s what happens when your families are split in half, You get double the fun. it’s got to be good for something right?

The Entire Christmas was spent playing games and well… Eating. Eating probably triple my body weight in sickly desserts and oil smothered potatoes and all that Jazz, and as a result I am proud to announce that I now have enough chocolates to feed me and probably everyone else in my country for the next year.

I got some amazing gifts and as ever I won’t need to buy a whole lot for the next 12 months. Just as well really as it sounds like 2013 is going to be a busy one. I got an I-Pad Mini too, in silver. That’s when you know your slowly converting to City Girl mode, when you ask for something to keep you occupied on the train journeys.



New Years was fairly quiet but yet I am so excited for 2013, I am meeting up with one of the girls next week to discuss plans for this year and it is such exciting stuff.

I don’t like it when lifts get busy… I just don’t. So I waited to have one all to myself, and I got in my lovely spacious lift just to be smothered by One Direction getting in too, It wouldn’t be so bad but why does the hairdresser need to ram in there too, and then the stylist. I know girls may be screaming if they were in my big boots but honestly I think I had a face like “Oh Please..Your in my lift..“, despite the fact they turned out to be lovely. Which makes me feel a little less of a freak after me and a friend were screaming their lyrics out of my car a few days ago whilst in a traffic jam…..

After all the craziness, I went to visit all the down to earth people downstairs today to wish them a Happy New Year and to get fed Chocolates more importantly. More Chocolates that is than the worldly stock I already have at home, and it made me realize my next plan of action needs to come in to play as I face my final Month at Wallpaper*.

So that’s what tomorrow’s post will be, Outlining a few 2013 Targets and


As ever a usually eventful day. Never a dull moment, I’m sure this year will be no exception to the rule.

Love Love Love

S x

The Christmas Break!

I have eaten lots and lots of chocolate today, Apparently that’s what we all do when it comes to Christmas time. It’s my last day today until January 2nd 2013!! That means only one thing for me… A lay in tomorrow.. (Which is literally unheard of as of late)… & Yearly Target Lists.

I have tried the whole bucket list thing, and I have one… but I prefer making ‘Yearly Bucket List’ thingys, this seems to make everything seem much more achievable in smaller bite-sized spaces of time. On another note, I got a telling off last night from a close Family Friend for;

  • Trying to do to much at once.
  • Not having a break.
  • Planning to far ahead.
  • Not letting emotions out.

I’m a pretty emotional person, whether it’s happy, angry or sad, when I show an emotion, I really show it and usually in an over the top drama-queen style, but that’s just how I am.

As for the planning to far ahead and trying to do to much at once, again that is just me, and I doubt i’ll ever change. I don’t know if I would want to either. I look at my desk sometimes with a billion post-it note lists stuck everywhere, and weekly task drop-downs laying around, Calender events popping up left, right and centre. Then I look over to my Bosses desk and see pretty much a replica of mine, and hes majorly successful, which fills me with hope.

So being true to myself even after being told off for planning to far ahead, I will be writing out my yearly goals and targets for 2013. I really would recommend doing it, It means provided you tick as many off as possible you are not going to feel so much like the year has flown by and just wasted away.

I always include things such as places to see and adventurous and wild things to do, as well as the work related targets and money savings and massive life moves etc. It makes things seem more achievable it really does. The problem is, there is never going to be an exact right time to do something, so sometimes you just have to do things without thinking.

Does anyone else do these sorts of things? Or have a bucket list? If so how is everyone else coming along with their ambitions?

I’ll post throughout the Festive Season, but for now,


Like… Ever

Have A fantabulous one,

S x

The Artistic One.

Here at Wallpaper* the offices are slowing down, it’s because we are coming to the end of the year, everything previously used for shoots has been sent back to it’s rightful owners, and the businesses abroad that we would usually deal with are closed for Christmas anyway.

So with the slowing down process there is less to do for the last couple of days, and not the usual crazy rush.

I wanted to share a friend of mine with you, well you can’t have her, but her work. Shes still at University, and where I love writing and Stylist stuff, she is so much more Artistic and loves going down the more Practical route. She is studying Graphic Design, and within her couple of years there she seems to be burning through a million topics at a time.

One of the first projects I remember her doing was a illustration of her pet Cats, whereby she started with a sketch and then added water colour, as well as using real life textures as overlays. They just look amazing, they are the kind of images I used to love looking at when I was younger as they are so colourful and vibrant.


Cat illustration

Another one of her projects that really stood out to me was a textiles one, where she designed a print for a T-Shirt and a Tope bag, so entering the realms of fashion now too! This was to act as an advertisement for ‘Helping to Rebuild Japan’.


Tope Bag Design

The third was one of the latest projects my friend took on, The Poster design she did really stood out to me, it was for her University’s degree show. Once again she took on a new challenge of ‘type faces’ and of course excelled once again.


Poster Design

The Last thing I want to share with you of her work is my Christmas Gift, which is kind of the trigger that made me feel like I wanted to write a post on my friends wonderful Talents. She took a personalized gift to a new level when she designed a photo turned illustration of my friends and I. It was pretty damn special and I loved it! See for yourself…


Photo – Illustration

This only leaves me to point you in her direction to see all of the rest of her delightful work, and really there is a lot more of it to see – Watch This Space.

Have a gorgeous evening,

S x

The Festive Weekend.

Things have really started getting christmassy now! Here at Wallpaper* Today we have been having a good seasonal sort out. We were chucking away so much stuff we didn’t need or want, which was pretty fun to sift through. I have been given many ‘Lush’ soap treats to take home, though they suit well in the bath environment, they will give me a headache in the meantime.

Down in Wallpaper* storage are all the magazines dating back to 1997 when the magazine was first established, this means that there are a hell of a lot of magazines, and there are not just one or two of each… but more like boxes full of each.

I’m an organisation freak, not that you would know if you looked at my bedroom, but it’s weird things like colour co-ordinating and things being in the correct order. So in part I felt a bit helpless staring at all the magazines that should colour correspond by their Binders when put in date order… just laying everywhere. I mean it was tragic I even saw an April 2001 laying face down on a December 2012.

I’m kidding… It wasn’t that bad but I felt a little like I could happily spend a month of my life sorting it.

I have also just been given the very good news that Thursday is in fact my last day, not Friday as it was previously as that’s when my bosses are breaking up for Christmas. That means my first lounging day in what seems like forever. YAY!

The Festivities really got under way this weekend. It was such a perfect one, After work on Saturday we went over my friends who cooked an amazing Stuffed chicken breast and Potato Gratin Meal, followed by a luscious chocolate mousse piled on top of fresh berries, and a night in watching terrible TV and giggling.

Sunday was amazing, The girls and I went out for our Christmas meal and exchanged gifts, I had been waiting so long to give my gifts to the girls. What we do every year is we have instead of the attempted secret Santa, we have resorted to doing similar little more personal gifts for each other, so each person goes away with 4 amazing gifts. So I happily went home with a Toffee Vodka (Grow You Own) Ready to drink on X-mas day! The most amazing personalised photo turned illustration of my friends and I, A cosy mug and chocolates and not forgetting a personalised stocking full of treats. I am one lucky Girl!



The presents I did for the girls were miniature scrapbooks, filled with all our favourite photos from 2012, as well as a little Christmas Choc packaged beautifully in a pillow box, so we had a huge variety.


Mini Scrapbooks!

Anyway I’ve waffled tonight… Big Style.

Have an amazing night… I’m out for another Christmas Dinner with another one of the girls… I’m such a minx sometimes.

S x

End of A ‘Little’ Era.

Today…Is a sad sad day… Today my partner in crime leaves me.

J, who has been interning also for Wallpaper* alongside me has been an angel since I got here, She was here a month or so before me, which means not only does she now leave earlier than me but she pretty much answered every question I asked, without fuss, which happened to be quite a lot of questions, shes the main reason I now can safely say I pretty much know what I am doing.

One of my few very big talents without sounding big headed is the ability to like people and become friends in a short space of time, it can only be seen as a good thing, But it means I am always going to meet a million people besides my Best friends who will come and go.

J is Italian and very shy, so the opposite of me, but now we quite happily go for lunch every day and giggle about pretty much nothing and chat about life stuff. She said today

“Actually yeah, me and my boyfriend talk about you quite a bit”.

I don’t know why, but I hear this a lot for some strange reason. So anyway out of this internship comes a friend so this is all good stuff.

Next week someone will start in her place, Guess who will be the one answering all the questions this time? Yeah… me!

Anyway so in celebration of the end of a ‘little’ era, she has bought us all a big fancy Cake! Yummm! Just the way to end a FRIDAYYY!


Cake to Munch

P.s I also forced her to eat a Nando’s for lunch, Essex Girl Style! :)

Have a Gorgeous Weekend!

S x

The Night Before.

How’s it going world?

I have a headache, and baby chicks flying around my head chirping and stuff. It’s self inflicted so it’s totally okay. This means that as much as I have ideas on what to waffle about, it’s probably more likely asking a monkey to write about them.

Yesterday we finished work early afternoon, my instant thought was I get to go home and catch up on everything I havn’t actually yet done. As I grabbed my coat I got attacked by a wild group of twenty something year old girls telling me I simply cannot leave and please come for Christmassy drinks early in the afternoon… just one infact.

I got in around midnight, and had such an amazing time, even the cold wasn’t really bothering me last night, that’s how good it was. It feels like a different atmosphere when you walk into the office the morning after seeing everyone for the crazy and fun nutters that they really are. I love making new friends, you can never have too many. The Boss of the whole of Wallpaper* was treating me like a daughter all night hugging me and asking everyone;

“Have you met Sian?”,

“Sian is so adorable, aww where did we find her?” and my favourite

“She doesn’t come across very Essex Girl does she?”

Nothing like A first impression, and a lot of future pointers.

So tonight to be loyal to myself I am to spend at least 3 hours wrapping gifts… yes that I still have not done.

I could have gone home and got ahead of myself yesterday, however I chose instead to go out and be a social butterfly, drink cinnamon punch and have a pretty amazing time, and as a result be very tired right now.

I am so glad I didn’t choose to be boring.


Just Do It…

Have a fantabulous Evening!

S x

Christmas… Are You Ready!?

It’s so pretty here at Christmas, I went out for my Work Christmas Meal last night, which as ever was interesting and eventful, and although I really did drink a fair amount and whilst trying to write this morning my head was spinning, I just feel so festive and happy. I really dislike the weather, I don’t think I was built for the cold, but I love this time of year, everything is lit up at work now too!

In the Blue Fin building you have two options, At the central core of the building by the reception area the Christmas Decor is so elegant, with pastel lighting glimmering on the walls next to a huge glistening silver tree, surrounded with miniature wrapped up parcels. However this all changes underground, where the down to earth people are in all the delivery services, they have opted for a slightly more crazy approach to decorating. There is a rather large inflatable squeaking Father Christmas taking up a fair volume in the Loading Bay, fake snow littering every surface and Christmas songs blaring, I know which I prefer ;)

Anyway, Christmas is now fast approaching, I am ready… Are you? Every present is bought, so now comes my favourite part… the wrapping and giving. I grew up in a family where don’t get me wrong Christmas is still seen as a MASSIVE family thing primarily. However I have grown up and taken after the rest of my family, who happen to be obsessed with giving gifts. I think I love this bit maybe even the slightest bit more than receiving them.

Tonight is the first night I am going to purely devote to wrapping and sorting out everything. I have to make sure everything is listed and put in the right place so things do not mixed up.

I am getting VERY excited, I still feel like a little girl, waiting for my stocking, which by the way I do still get :)

I would be interested to know if anyone else is like me, who loves buying for others, and buys things months and months in advance, i hope i’m not the only one in the world who is OCD with the X-mas organization.


Gifts for All!

Have an amazing evening, and I hope every ones feeling Festive.

Lots of Love

S x